Simplest Canonical Polyhedra of Each Symmetry Type

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Simplest Canonical Polyhedron with D9h Symmetry
(Enneagonal Prism)
(2 of 2)
Vertices:  18  (18[3])
Faces:11  (9 squares + 2 regular enneagons)
Edges:27  (all same length)
Symmetry:  9-fold Prismatic  (D9h)
Enneagon-Square Angle:  acos(0)    90 degrees
Square-Square Angle:  acos(-root[8*(x^3)−6*x+1])    140 degrees
Dual Solid:  Simplest D9h (1 of 2)
(values below based on midscribed radius = 1)
Edge Length:  sqrt(root[(x^3)−6*(x^2)+9*x−3])    ≈0.68404028665133746609
Circumscribed Radius:  sqrt(root[64*(x^3)−288*(x^2)+420*x−199])    ≈1.0568716944078457920
Midscribed Radius:  1
Enneagon Center Radius:  sqrt(root[64*(x^3)−96*(x^2)+36*x−3])    ≈0.34202014332566873304
Square Center Radius:  root[8*(x^3)−6*x−1]    ≈0.939692620785908384054
Volume:root[64*(x^3)+432*(x^2)−2187]    ≈1.9786167935365877282